Policies and Terms of Service

All payment is made via Paypal. A $20 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place on the wait list. All final payments are due prior to design installation.

All communication is made via email. Please be sure to check your email regularly throughout the days while I'm working on your design. It slows the whole design process down when I'm waiting to hear back from customers. Please be sure to add me to your email address book and also check your spam folder. I will email you on the day that I begin your design to let you know that I've begun work.

Once I begin work on your design, the whole process lasts about a week from start to finish providing there is regular communication between the customer and myself.  I typically complete a design sooner than that depending on how many revisions need to be made and how quickly customers respond to my emails. I want you to be completely satisfied with your design so I am committed to working with you until we achieve those results. However, excessive revisions to your design through the design process may result in additional fees which will total no less than $15. I will be sure to go over these additional charges before we continue the design process if it gets to that point. :)

Once your design is approved, paid for and installed, you have 48 to contact me regarding any last minute changes. I understand sometimes it takes a few days to see your own design live to notice things that you may like revised. Any changes after that period will be subject to fees totaling no less  than $15.

Headers, menu bar buttons, signatures and sidebar titles will be uploaded to the customer's photobucket account prior to design installation. You are responsible for keeping those files as when the design is completed, I will delete them from my computer. Under no circumstances can I give you digital elements or kits that are used in your design as sharing those files is a violation of the designers terms of use.

I will install a text credit in your blog footer crediting The Girl Creative and/or a design button in your sidebar upon installation of your design. Please do not remove these credits at anytime while my design is still being used on your blog in part or in it's entirety. Please do not alter my design in any way without express written consent.