Blog Design Questionnaire

Blog Design Questionnaire

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Design Choice: Everyday ($40), Pro ($60) or Deluxe ($75)

2 or 3 Column Blog Design :
If 3, one on each side or 2 right sidebars?

Design Style: Scrappy or Clean/Modern
If Scrappy is chosen, please visit Designs by Krista or Michelle Underwood and choose a scrap kit and list the name here.

Would you like photos in your header? Yes/No
If yes please email photos at the same time you email questionnaire

Likes (i.e. colors, patterns, prints, etc.):

Dislikes (i.e. colors, patterns, prints, etc.):

What do you want your menu bar items to say (i.e. Home, About, Contact, Shop, etc.):

Please list the sites/pages you would like your menu bar items linked to: (i.e.: home - main blog url, contact - url to post written with your contact info; Shop - business or etsy website, etc.)

What do you want your signature to say:

What are some fonts that you like that you would like to see used in your design?

Please list at least 2 blogs (and their urls) that you like the designs of. This is very helpful in letting me know what your design style is.

List any other information you think I might find helpful:

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